Let’s Get This Show on the Road

I love to eat, and I love to cook. However, being a twenty-something in Seattle with a part-time job and the smallest kitchen ever made imposes some restrictions. For instance, I can’t spend a thousand dollars a week at Whole Foods. I can’t labor over mise en place for an hour every evening. I have about 25 minutes to eat a lunch that I consider “fancy” if I put it in the microwave rather than eating it cold. Additionally, I’m smart. I know that if we don’t live like there are other countries in the world, without excess and waste, we won’t have a world for much longer. And, if I don’t eat more plants than animals, I won’t be around for very long either.  Being that I also love this world and living in it, it stands to reason that my eating and cooking coincide with my goals of not annihilating our planet or myself prematurely. Hence, a blog in which I encourage you to shop cheaply and sustainably, spend time in your kitchen and with your loved ones, and eat food that is good for everyone and everything we cherish.

Allez cuisine!

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One Response to Let’s Get This Show on the Road

  1. mmagdaleno says:

    Looking forward to this blog very much!

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