Vegan Mother’s Day Breakfast

I’m taking a BIG risk here. First, it’s my first time cooking Mother’s Day breakfast. Secondly, while my family are all pretty adventurous eaters, boy do we love our meats. So I’m looking forward with some trepidation to this meal that I’ve planned to prepare. On the menu:

Did you notice that I’m violating one of my rules–the one about not eating fake meat? Allow me to explain my hypocrisy. Generally I try to steer clear of eating processed food in general, meat or no meat. There are a couple of reasons here: 1. the texture creeps me out, 2. there are always a billion sketchy ingredients (even in healthy processed food!!) and 3. I tend to enjoy eating stuff I make better than stuff made in factories. Sausage, whether meat or not, healthy or not, is notoriously sketchy. But it’s also really, REALLY, REALLY delicious. And I figure, if I make it myself, it doesn’t really count as processed, right? I don’t mind the texture of seitan (the common meat replacement made with vital wheat gluten) and I loooove beans and spices, and there is a random bottle of liquid smoke in my cupboard, so here we go.

If all goes as planned, my meal will look like this:

I’ll post recipes here after I adjust them to my liking, along with reviews from my omnivore fam… Wish me luck!

What are you eating for Mother’s Day?

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2 Responses to Vegan Mother’s Day Breakfast

  1. SarahNash says:

    It's a good child that will make homemade vegan sausage for their mother! Looks like a yummy menu! Great blog!!

  2. s.k.h. says:

    Thank you! 🙂

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