Irony strikes again!

So last night I made Thai Green Curry and typed up this whole long post about how even if you’re intimidated by a recipe, you can totally do it, and it’s never as hard as it looks. I chopped up a bunch of different kinds of veggies and threw them in this curry that seemed fool proof and… it totally didn’t turn out right. Basically I just added to much liquid, a problem easily solved next time around, but I found it kind of ironic that my failure came just as I was saying how you couldn’t fail if you tried. (My rice turned out great though. If you’re having problems with your rice, seriously read this.) Such is the way of things. 
Anyway, here’s what I’m making for dinner this week… 
Monday: Radicchio with white beans and fresh bread (using up the rest of the artisan bread dough)
Tuesday: Potato and scallion gratin (created originally with leeks by the fabulous Helen of Vegtastic! here) with some sort of tempeh–maybe baked? Grilled? I haven’t decided but I want to do something besides crumble it in a sauce/chili (that’s all I know how to do at this point). I’m also going to be mixing up a big batch of whole grain bread dough… can’t wait.
Wednesday: Vegetable rice with black beans… and making a bunch of freezer burritos
Thursday: Broccoli rabe with polenta and bread
Friday: early Father’s Day dinner at my parents’ house
Saturday: Lentil tacos
Also, I’m really excited to watch last night’s episode of GoT. 
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