Last Saturday, my best friend Shauna and I flew to California for a Girl’s Getaway in Palm Springs. While I was expecting a relaxing, fun trip with nice weather, I wasn’t expecting 5 days of pure, uninterrupted bliss.

The food highlights of our trip included:
– eating Mexican food at least once a day

– vegan breakfast at the Palm Greens Cafe (blueberry buckwheat pancakes for me, breakfast burrito for Shauna)

– and our last night, on which we splurged at Tinto and ordered the 3 course chef’s tasting menu (did I mention who the chef was? Oh, yeah. Iron Chef Jose Garces. Oh, and they also have a Sweet Genius pastry chef, and someone whose title is “Prince of Pork”. It was pretty good…). Here’s what the tasting menu consisted of (sorry for no pictures, we were too busy EATING):

  • house made rolls with seasoned goat butter
  • house made charcuterie
  • cheese plate, with egg salad
  • crackers and baguette
  • Mantequilla olives
  • herb-marinated chicken skewers with roasted grape, garbanzo puree and truffle jus
  • spicy moules frites with aioli 
  • duck confit with blue cheese crostini
  • fresh, house made papardelle with artichokes in a Meyer lemon sauce
  • sea bass with cockles
  • spice rubbed, grilled loin of some kind of pig that lives a life of privilege in an acorn forest, or something (does Iberian pork sound right?)
  • flourless chocolate torte with passion fruit sorbet
I am 99% sure it was the best meal of my life, and maybe the best meal I’ll ever eat. Not to mention the good company, and good wine. Definitely got my fill of meat and cheese for, like, a year, though.
Can’t wait for our next trip…
So, now that the hiatus and school have ended, what do you want to see on here? Please let me know! 

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