What I’m Working on, Food and Otherwise

Hi there. It’s been awhile.

Lentil Tacos… a teaser

I’ve had a lot of random things going on, both that I’ve imposed upon myself and that I have been a part of organically. First, I mentioned that Shauna and I went to Palm Springs. Then I came home and taught the last two days of school for a teacher who has been one of my great friends and supportive people and who is in the middle of moving to New York. The students and I mourned and watched The Incredibles in French for two days. 

Amidst teaching the last two days of school, I submitted 3 job applications: one for a high school language arts teaching position in Seattle, one for a high school LA position south of Seattle, and one for the ubiquitous “applicant pool” in a nearby district. Here’s what happened with those: Seattle human resources wouldn’t send my application materials to the school because I didn’t fill out the “general” application before I filled out the “specific” application (even though they are identical). Strike one. Then, I submitted the second application before attaching all my documents, which this HR department was kind enough to forward to the school, but it caused so much apparent annoyance that I feel terrible and like I have the reputation of being spacey with internet forms now, which can’t be good. And, as far as I can tell with my application to the “pool” as with every other pool application I sent my form through the internet and the code turned into goo and dissolved into a black hole. There should be a Dr. Who episode about what really happens when you apply to an applicant “pool.” I am certain that part of my soul dies every time I do it.

Veggie and Cashew Stir Fry… another teaser

So, anyway, after these invigorating and inspiring experiences I was feeling super excited and motivated to do things with my life! Like, sit on the couch in my PJs and watch all my recorded Bravo shows… for an entire week. (Can you believe Vicki and Brooks???? I mean, come ON. Listen to your daughter, Vicki! Sheesh.)

Doesn’t it look good? I’m obsessed with this rug and coffee table from West Elm.

However, I did re-do the living room (even if I can’t make money, I’m still really good at spending it! see above), Sadie graduated from Difficult Dog class to normal dog class, some very wonderful new ladies came to ladies night, I tried cooking with vegan mozzarella for the first time (Baked Penne with Mushroom Marinara… coming soon!), and I have the following projects in the works: 

– a large floor cushion which I prefer to call a “pouf”
– getting the labels and goo off a bunch of wine bottles so I can use them to keep my boots upright, and also for storing olive oil
– a spreadsheet helping you find the best and most affordable pantry essentials
– the perfect make-at-home vegan iced latte MINUS the espresso machine
– chickpea cutlets with gravy
– which inspired a VEGAN GRAVY-OFF where in I buy three packets of vegan brown gravy mix and I will make them and tell you which is best
– more bread
– a food stamp allowance-friendly meal plan that makes sense for anybody
– a bunch of tasty lunch salads, and

– a schedule to bring some structure and order into my life during the summer and on days when I’m not teaching

All that to say that I PROMISE I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I am just taking some time to decide where I want to go with it at the moment. Please stay tuned, hang in there, and all that. Much love xxoo.

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One Response to What I’m Working on, Food and Otherwise

  1. i like your schedule idea for days when you're not working. i should have been doing that for the last few years- sometimes the whole day gets off track so easily! sounds like you have lots of good blog posts up your sleeve- looking forward to them!

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