More Food Than I Know What To Do With (Days 3-8)

This post is one in a series of posts about my journey to better healthy via eliminating common allergy-causing foods from my diet and slowly reintroducing them to rule out and identify what I can and cannot eat. For a little more background, I invite you to peruse this.

Allow me to list for you the things I’ve made since I last posted:

On Friday…

  • biscuits (made with tapioca, millet, amaranth and rice flour; turned out very tasty and VERY crumbly; made wonderful shortcakes though!)
  • Dover sole (totally yum)
  • roasted asparagus (oven not hot enough, turned out tasty but a little mushy)

On Saturday…

  • spinach salad with fig balsamic dressing and toasted pumpkin seeds (delish)
  • curried lentil soup (warm, comfy, soothing)
  • dinner rolls (AMAZING!!!!!!!!! She’s the “Gluten-free Goddess” for a reason!)
  • rice pilaf with mushrooms and almonds (see previous)
  • fruit compote and whipped coconut cream to go with leftover biscuits (Betsy made the compote and it was great. I made the whipped cream and it was not as great–thought coconut flour would help it to hold its shape but instead it was just kind of chalky. Not my fave.)

On Monday…

  • halibut with lemon and fresh tarragon (pretty damn awesome)
  • leftover rice, rolls and salad

On Tuesday…

  • a loaf of bread–HBi5-style* (turned out tasty but cut too soon, was kind of gummy, and also probably needed more moisture)
  • Kidney bean and vegetable soup (really, really good considering no onions or garlic)

And today (Wednesday)…

  • pumpkin spice and walnut muffins (actively trying to not immediately eat ALL OF THEM)
  • Olive, pine nut and garbanzo bean hummus (good but too much nuts/tahini, has kind of a peanut buttery texture, but tastes great with my veggie chips that I got at the store last night: beets, squash, green beans, sweet potato and taro sliced and flash fried like banana chips)

I suppose you could say I’ve been busy! I’ve also been deliriously, hopelessly, aggressively hungry. Feeling so confused and overwhelmed by my new limitations left me with two alternatives: make something from scratch or just wait till dinner. Can you guess which one won? Until today, that is? Blerg. Not so great. I am someone who desperately needs to eat a large breakfast AND lunch AND dinner every day or else I get really angry, and then really emo, which is the stage I’m currently crawling out of.

I don’t have much else to say about this experience. It’s stupidly hard. I’ve found myself mind boggled at how impossible it is to know what, exactly, is in your food, when things as innocuous as baking powder are listed as single ingredients when in reality baking powder could very well contain gluten, corn, and/or potato starch. Hence I’ve started making my own baking powder (it’s really easy).

I’m really excited about Namaste Foods and their products, like the flour mix pictured below, that are all made in a dedicated facility free of gluten, wheat, soy, corn, potato, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy and casein. I haven’t tried anything yet because I have SO MUCH of my own flour to use up, but I can’t wait.

Since not all of these recipes are ready to be shared (the biscuits need a huge improvement in texture, you can figure out how to cook sole in a pan or wrap your own halibut in foil and bake in the oven with seasonings, and my hummus recipe needs some serious tweaking) I will endeavor to provide you with the following OUTSTANDING recipes over the course of the next week or two:

  • Curried lentil soup
  • Rice pilaf with mushrooms and almonds
  • Kidney bean and vegetable soup
  • Pumpkin spice muffins with walnuts
  • And, finally, bread

Thank you so much for reading my blog. With all the craziness and uncertainty in life, I feel so fortunate to have a creative outlet that connects me with so many wonderful people. Please always feel free to tell me your thoughts about food, life, and whatever; I’d love to know what you think!

xo, Sara

*HBi5=Home-Made Bread in 5, aka Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

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