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Make-Ahead Breakfast: Peach Raspberry Baked Oatmeal

Do you remember that part in the Arrested Development pilot when Michael asks George Michael what they always say is the most important thing and George Michael responds with–bless his heart–“breakfast?” (The correct answer is, obviously, “family.”) Well, I have … Continue reading

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Spiced Pumpkin Walnut Muffins + Days 9-11

I’ve been a fall food fiend these last few weeks, and imagine my disappointment when I realized that I could no longer enjoy (or at least for a month or so) an embarrassingly frou frou pumpkin spice latte from (gasp) … Continue reading

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Eliminatron 5000: Day 2

Allow me to pick up where I left off yesterday which was, I believe, putting my meat and veggies into the crock pot. After completing that task I had about a million random errands to run including finding some gluten- … Continue reading

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Stuffed Pitas with Herbed Garbanzos and Rice, Kale, Carrots and Olive Mayo

The mission: lunch.

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Basic Hummus: the old, old fashioned way

Gather round children while I regale you with tales of a time when Cuisinart food processors didn’t exist. It’s true! Man and woman made stunningly delicious hummus for millenia with naught more than crude bowl and smasher implements. And, guess … Continue reading

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Greeña Collada Breakfast Smoothie

Somehow, when I was in high school, I was able to wake up at 5am with enough time to: shower, dry my hair, straighten my hair, put on make up, make breakfast FROM SCRATCH, and put a lunch together. I … Continue reading

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Grad Student Friendly #2: Hearty Bean and Tempeh Chili

I originally posted this recipe a couple of months ago but I’m bringing it back in an easier to read format with a couple of tweaks for my friend Yoshi and his grad school menu project.  It’s taken me awhile–five … Continue reading

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Grad Student Friendly Recipe #1: Chickpea Curry

I told you before about my friend Yoshi who is in grad school and who wants to start cooking more and eating healthier but in the cheapest and most simple way possible. I know it’s taken me awhile to post … Continue reading

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Taco Seasoning Mix

Ever find yourself in desperate need of tacos but the only thing you’re missing in the seasoning packet? Worry no more! Mix up this batch of taco seasoning and use it in whatever quantity you like, with whatever fillings you … Continue reading

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Cheezy Bean Dip, vegan and gluten free! (I think…)

The Olympics have been running 24/7 in our apartment lately. I’ve never been so interested in these games before, but I’m having a great time. The best part by far is Mark’s running commentary which tends to be quite colorful … Continue reading

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